Update: Magento Version 1.1.8

Soeben wurde ein kleines Bugfix-Release veröffentlicht. Die Liste der Korrekturen ist relativ kurz:

  • Fixed #8684: js error on configurable product view page in blank theme
  • Fixed generating URL for googleoptimizer export controller
  • Fixed shipping tablerates for regions with the same code
  • Fixed product information on review page
  • Fixed #8720: CMS Blocks not recognized on Newsletter Templates
  • Fixed #8729: Security warning in IE in admin under https on category management page
  • Fixed #8743: Security warning in MSIE 6 on checkout page in modern theme
  • Fixed #8722: Google Base API – Store URL incorrect
  • Fixed #8753: Add Store Code to Urls to Yes breaking Google Base (due to duplicate admin/admin in path)
  • Fixed #8727: mismatches in role resources list
  • Fixed checkout as guest on single page checkout
  • Fixed #8890: Fatal error on shipping estimate if session expired
  • Fixed js error in Google API configuration section
  • Fixed #8719: Google Base API – make destination country selectable (USA,DE,GB,…)
  • Fixed #8731: Wrong country sent to Google Base
  • Fixed #8772: configurable products are not editable
  • Fixed editing custom options in Safari
  • Fixed #8889: Flash 9 unable to upload image on MAC

Leider müssen die eigenen Templates wieder angepasst werden, so dass wir von einem direkten Update des Produktiv-Shops dringend abraten! – Backup anlegen!!!

s. Magento Update – so wird gemacht!

EDIT: Das Update unseres Demo-Shops verlief problemlos.